Alpha School teachers love seeing your English improve!

Your Alpha School teachers are mostly native English speakers that….Your Alpha School teachers are mostly native English speakers that….Your Alpha School teachers are mostly native English speakers that….

Native English speakers

Always highly rated by our students

ESOL Qualified and experienced

Mary Abela

I was born in Sydney, Australia. I have years of experience in EFL helping and mentoring learners of every age and level with their English skills. I am a committed mentor and love to see learners develop their language skills.

I always try to teach in an enthusiastic way with encouragement and helping to build self-confidence. I am currently the Director of Studies at Alpha School of English taking responsibility for all aspects of the curriculum associated with its planning, development, delivery, assessment and monitoring, while also taking responsibility for all aspects of the management, performance, and development of the ESL teaching staff. This leaves me little time to do any hands on teaching but I do get the opportunity to teach from time to time and I always get a super buzz from it.

Sarah Guttridge

I’m Sarah. I was born and raised in the UK where I studied for my BA (Hons) Degree in Childhood Studies. I have worked in Education for over 10 years in a multitude of different roles including as a Teaching Assistant and Cover Supervisor. I have always had a huge passion for travelling as well as my love for teaching. I really value what I do and having worked in schools for a long time, I decided to combine my two great passions and became an EFL Teacher in Malta (a place close to my heart and somewhere I have always holidayed with my family) working for the fantastic Alpha School of English

Review from Sabine Seyfert (Student)

Learning with Alpha School of English means learning with fun. My language holiday in Malta with the “Alpha School of English”, was an unforgettable and wonderful time, which brought me so much joy and valuable experiences. I was able to develop my language skills, without sitting monotonously in a school with a book, as I was used to from regular school lessons in the past.
This is why I was so unbelievable happy, when Mary told me about the online lessons with the Alpha School of English. Now I have the opportunity to improve my English skills from home. Therefore I’m able to reach an even higher level of language skills, which will also help me in my professional career. As I am now familiar with both forms of teaching – the classic lessons in Malta on one site and the online lessons on the other side – I can warmly recommend the online course to all of those, who want to improve their language from home.

The best thing is that my high-qualified, kind and patient teacher Sarah leads my online class, who also gave me English lessons during my time in Malta.

Sarah’s teaching is exactly the same as I know it from the “real life classroom” of Malta. I can see Sarah via webcam, while I can follow her lessons on the dashboard.
Then I have the feeling of being in Malta again and sitting there with Sarah, learning together and laughing. A wonderful and incredible feeling! Together we find new ways of getting a little closer to my learning goals, step by step every day. Learning with Alpha School of English means for me: learning with fun!

I would like to say “thank you” to the entire team of “Alpha School of English” for this amazing and unique opportunity!

Gillan Paula Mooney

I am from Manchester, UK originally, but have lived on the Island of Gozo for just over 10 years. Before coming to Gozo I worked as a psychiatric nurse and hypnotherapist, and during that time I completed a BA in English and an MA in Creative Writing. I also did a year towards a PhD in English literature and philosophy, but unfortunately had to put it on hold when I left the UK.
I ran creative writing workshops from my home in Gozo before doing
my TEFL course in May 2016. I started work at Alpha School in January 2017.
I am willing and able to teach all ages and levels using a variety of creative methods. I have a particular interest in literature and creative writing.

Gillan Margaret O’Sullivan

I have been an EFL Teacher with Alpha School of English since February 2018. Originally from Cork, Ireland, I moved to Malta in January of 2018. I am TEFL and CELTA qualified and enjoy teaching all ages and all levels. While teaching in general English is my passion, I also love to specialise in the areas of exam preparation; IELTS and Cambridge being my main focus.

When I’m not teaching or preparing lessons, I enjoys walks along the beach, swimming and hiking through some of Malta’s beautiful hills – Mistra Bay and Mellieha beach being just two of her favourite places to visit.

Maria Mifsud

My relationship with Alpha School of English (Malta) began way back in September 1992 when my family had hosted a Swiss couple. Since then, we’ve hosted hundreds of other students – some more than once! I’m a people’s person and love meeting people from different countries and cultures.

When in July 2015 I embarked on my teaching career, Alpha was obviously my first choice. I haven’t looked back since! I consider the classroom a stage – the lesson a performance. … Butterflies in my stomach before each and every lesson no matter the level.

At Alpha School we have a good number of return students. Earlier this Summer I was setting up class in 1A, when, from nowhere, someone rushed to hug me with such force that I nearly lost my balance, all the time shouting ‘Miss Maria, Miss Maria!!’.A lovely 9 year old girl remembered me from 4 years back and was happy to see me!

Rewarding reasons why I love teaching!

  • …a student correctly using a grammar point I’ve presented earlier in the day/week….
  • …a message reading: “before you I not like English, now I like English”….
  • …an email asking: “do you remember me? I miss you”….
  • And of course, Alpha is a small school with friendly staff!

Gregory David Nowell

Throughout my life I have taken part in many varied training courses and sessions and have developed within each area as part of this, attaining many commendations and certificates. I believe one of my greatest assets is my ability to lead by example. I am an honest, hardworking, reliable and a dependable, supportive person.
I am a CELTA (University of Cambridge) certified teacher passing all the required levels to become a teacher of English as a foreign language in Malta. Throughout the last number of years, I have taught students of all ages and abilities over a wide and diverse range of topics. As the founder of Sharklab-Malta, I have organised over the last 10 years and more talks and presentations, covering a very wide range of marine related topics with ages ranging from 5 yrs upwards. I have given talks and presentations in schools, dive clubs, at national conferences and spoken at an international level, highlighting the issues relating to sharks, skates and rays. In the UK I qualified as a lifesaving teacher with the RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society). This role included lesson planning and writing as well as delivering theory and practical sessions. As a trained black belt in Shotokan Karate, I used to assist the instructor in teaching other members of the club a variety of practical and theoretical martial art skills.

Teaching is something I really enjoy, sharing experiences and enthusing passion is a very motivating experience and I plan to immerse myself further in the field of teaching the English language to foreigners as well as continuing to broaden the possibilities of using this range of skills to promote a better understanding of the marine environment.

Nella Scerri

I’m a Maltese National. I graduated in 1982 with B.Ed. Hons and I have been teaching since I was twenty-two years of age. I have experience teaching within various age groups and schools ranging from primary to secondary levels. I gained experience teaching adult students within the lifelong learning public education scheme as well as teaching English as a foreign language to a varied group of nationals who attend English schools in Malta. Apart from English language I also teach Italian. I also organise group lessons online using interactive platforms. My hobbies are travelling, cooking, reading , meeting and making new friends.

Christopher Reene

I graduated in 1998 from the University of Sunderland, England, as a qualified teacher. I have been teaching ever since, amounting over twenty years of experience in the education sector. Initially, I taught science at a British Secondary School before moving into the Modern Foreign Languages Department to teach German and some Spanish. I undertook my Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualifications back in 2011 and have enjoyed working at Alpha School of English since that time as a teacher and teaching adviser. I have been incredibly fortunate in my career, travelling to different countries and meeting wonderful people.

Travelling is certainly my passion and I love visiting different countries and cultures.

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