Give your Juniors / Teens expert English lessons from home choosing from private one-to-one or mixed student classes.

All classes can be taken as private one-to-one lessons or in mixed classes with other students of similar age and English level.

Students receive expert English tuition from qualified English language teachers.

In mixed group classes students can chat and interact with students of other nationalities to share and exchange ideas and experiences.

  • Use your own computer and Internet
  • Latest online learning technologies
  • Choose from 45 or 90 minute lessons
  • Additional lessons can extend learning time
  • Choose private One-to-One / Two-to-One or
  • Choose mixed student nationalities in a group
  • Professional and native English speaking teacher
  • Juniors are aged 8-12 years
  • Teens are aged 13-17 years
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It feels like you’re in a cafe with a good friend, and not in some boring lesson!

Learning English at Alpha School while staying at home is a very convenient way to learn. Many advantages: You are given the opportunity to choose the time and day of the week convenient for the lesson – in the morning, after a cup of coffee or in the evening, after work. I was attracted to the fact that the classes are taught by experienced teachers and an individual program is developed depending on personal interests and wishes. You do not have to spend time travelling to a language school or to a tutor, and you do not need to buy any textbooks. Together with my teacher Sarah, we communicate as friends, discuss the events of the day, and, as it were, in addition study grammar without cramming. It feels like you’re in a cafe with a good friend, and not in some boring lesson. For myself, I chose Alpha School and have never doubted my choice!

Изучать английский в «Alpha School», оставаясь дома,– очень удобный способ для получения знаний. Множество плюсов: Вам предоставляется возможность выбрать удобное для урока время и день недели — утром, после чашки кофе или вечером, после работы. Привлекло то, что занятия ведут опытные преподаватели и разрабатывается индивидуальная программа в зависимости от личных интересов и пожеланий. Не приходится тратить время на дорогу в языковую школу или к репетитору, и не нужно покупать никаких учебных пособий. Вместе с моим преподавателем Сарой мы общаемся как друзья, обсуждаем события дня, и как бы в дополнение изучаем грамматику без зубрежки. Такое чувство, что ты в кафе с хорошим другом, а не на каком-то скучном занятии. Для себя я выбрал «Alpha School» и ни разу не усомнился в своем выборе!

Вивчати англійську в «Alpha School», залишаючись вдома, – дуже зручний спосіб для отримання знань. Безліч плюсів: Вам надається можливість вибрати зручнi для заняття час і день тижня – вранці, після чашки кави або ввечері, після роботи. Привернуло те, що урок проводять досвідчені викладачі та розробляється індивідуальна програма в залежності від особистих інтересів і побажань. Не доводиться витрачати час на дорогу в мовну школу або до репетитора, і не потрібно купувати ніяких навчальних посібників. Разом з моїм викладачем Сарою ми спілкуємося як друзі, обговорюємо події дня, і як би на додаток вивчаємо граматику без зубріння. Таке відчуття, що ти в кафе з гарним другом, а не на якомусь нудному занятті. Для себе я вибрав «Alpha School» і жодного разу не засумнівався в своєму виборі!

Learning with Alpha School of English means learning with fun

My language holiday in Malta with the “Alpha School of English”, was an unforgettable and wonderful time, which brought me so much joy and valuable experiences. I was able to develop my language skills, without sitting monotonously in a school with a book, as I was used to from regular school lessons in the past.
This is why I was so unbelievable happy, when Mary told me about the online lessons with the Alpha School of English. Now I have the opportunity to improve my English skills from home. Therefore I’m able to reach an even higher level of language skills, which will also help me in my professional career. As I am now familiar with both forms of teaching – the classic lessons in Malta on one site and the online lessons on the other side – I can warmly recommend the online course to all of those, who want to improve their language from home.

The best thing is that my high-qualified, kind and patient teacher Sarah leads my online class, who also gave me English lessons during my time in Malta.

Sarah’s teaching is exactly the same as I know it from the “real life classroom” of Malta. I can see Sarah via webcam, while I can follow her lessons on the dashboard.
Then I have the feeling of being in Malta again and sitting there with Sarah, learning together and laughing. A wonderful and incredible feeling! Together we find new ways of getting a little closer to my learning goals, step by step every day. Learning with Alpha School of English means for me: learning with fun!

I would like to say “thank you” to the entire team of “Alpha School of English” for this amazing and unique opportunity!

Innovative tools to make my lessons more interesting and fun

My training course was Creative Use of Technology in the Classroom. The course introduced me to applications that were totally new to me. We received a lot of personal attention from our tutor Sarah who was excellent at imparting information and very patient in working through each step.
The course has introduced me to innovative tools to make my lessons more interesting and fun.
After my week in Malta I came back to Italy to teach elementary and medium school students for two months which, for obvious reasons, stretched into three. After a week, the classes moved online and I found myself grappling with Meet, Google’s teaching platform. It has been challenging and rewarding if occasionally confounding. I’m very glad I invested in the course at Alpha School — I’ve incorporated most of the activities to which I was introduced into the online classes.

Studies are designed for students whose scheduling commitments would otherwise make it difficult to enroll in a full-time education program.

Business course (C1 level)

Each lesson is 45 minutes and can be taken individually or as a complete business course

  • Starting a Company
  • Discussing Research and Development
  • Summarizing and Concluding
  • Developing a Product
  • Mastering Global Business Practices
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Being Politically Correct
  • Importing and Exporting
  • Discussing Hot Topics of 2019
  • Raising Funding
  • Investing
  • Discussing Partnerships, Mergers, Takeovers, and Sell-offs
  • Discussing E-Commerce
  • Managing a Project
  • Interacting with HR
  • Implementing Strategic Planning
  • Discussing Entrepreneurship
  • Problem Solving

Business course (B2 level)

Each lesson is 45 minutes and can be taken individually or as a complete business course

  • Pitching an Idea
  • Brainstorming
  • Handling Conflict
  • Discussing Rules and Regulations
  • Interviewing II
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Discussing Startups
  • Discussing FinTech
  • Discussing Business Ethics
  • Participating in Video and Conference Calls
  • Discussing Intellectual Property
  • Working on a Team II
  • Interacting with Customers II
  • Discussing Workplace Politics
  • Discussing Finances II
  • Making A Sale
  • Negotiating
  • Discussing Perks

Business course (B1 level)

Each lesson is 45 minutes and can be taken individually or as a complete business course

  • Pitching Yourself
  • Applying for Jobs
  • Career Planning
  • Interviewing
  • Discussing Marketing and Advertising
  • Discussing Transportation
  • Working on a Team
  • Networking
  • Giving a Presentation
  • Planning a Meeting
  • Participating in Meetings
  • Meeting with Clients
  • Discussing Workplaces
  • Managing People
  • Discussing Finances
  • Discussing Brands
  • Interacting with Customers
  • Using Technology at the Workplace

Questions? Speak with a student adviser about the ideal course for you!

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