Always innovating! Alpha school is known for top class teaching!

Committed to excellence in English language instruction, we strive to exceed our students’ expectations.

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of education services in teaching English to non-native speakers, using the most innovative and effective methods and incorporating the best technological tools while providing our students with a holistic experience of the language and of our country through active engagement in activities related to history, culture, cuisine, adventure, and interaction with the local community.


The first Language School to open in the north of Malta

The first Language School in Malta to implement a Family programme

The first Language School in Malta to open a Playschool for pre-school age children

The first Language School in Malta to introduce a Sports & Adventure Programme

One of the first language schools in Malta to develop online learning programmes

One of the first language schools in Malta to develop English + Work Experience courses

Over 90% of our regular teaching staff are British, American, Australian or South African
We teach students from over 40 different countries every year
We’ve been offering English + Sports courses for 27 years
We pioneered English courses for Families in Malta and cater for children from the age of 2
99% of our students would recommend Alpha School to a friend
We opened our Gozo Annexe in 2014
We offer over 20 different sports
Over 100 different activities
18 different types of accommodation
We have a multi-national office team with full and part-time staff and interns from Malta, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Italy, France & Germany
Alpha School used to be called the St. Paul’s Bay English Language Centre
We were the first school to open in the north of Malta – way back in 1991
We offer in-house training for our teaching staff with a teacher trainer from the UK who visits Malta twice a year
We have a reputation for being the friendliest school in Malta!

Alpha School of English is a well-established EFL school, licensed by Malta’s Ministries of Education and Tourism and approved by the ELT Council. Established in 1991, our English school has welcomed junior and adult students from all over the world to learn English in Malta for over twenty years.

Our extensive range of English courses are run by an international team of dedicated and highly qualified English teachers who are also native speakers of the English language. The modular nature of our course structure means that you can tailor-make your study experience at Alpha School of English and your stay in Malta to suit your specific requirements.


We aim to retain only the best teachers that our students consistently rate highly. This makes our courses more rewarding for all students of all levels.

Most of our teachers are far more qualified than required by law. This ensures they can bring the highest quality of teaching to all classes.


Every student completing a course of English is presented with one of our school certificates stating the course you attended and the leaving level of English as assessed by your teacher.

If you need a formal assessment of your English level then we are a recognised English examination centre for LangCert allowing you to take exams online or at our school that can be used for university, immigration and other government purposes.


We are a FELTOM accredited school. This means that we have to meet a stringent set of quality criteria to be members. This is more than the legal requirement and we choose to work hard to achieve the required accreditation standard in order to differentiate ourselves from other schools and to ensure our students can feel confident when choosing us.

We are an ELT recognised school. This is the main legal requirement for a language school in Malta. This primarily means our teaching process is scrutinised every year to ensure that it meets national standards and these standards are raised every year meaning that we continue to grow from strength to strength every year.


We are first and foremost a family friendly school with courses and a timetable to suit all ages and study requirements of students. This means parent can bring their children and everyone study at their own ideal level.

The students that attend long term for 3 -12 months make incredible progress with our personalised teaching methods. We take great satisfaction when a student starts with us struggling to construct sentences and they leave holding full conversations and a recognised English qualification!

Many of our teachers come from experienced and business backgrounds so our business and professional training courses help improve the confidence and skill level of professionals.

By far our most popular course is the General English course that is taught at 5 different levels and 4 different age groups to ensure each student comes away from our courses better skilled!

For private students we have One-to-One lessons and home tuition type courses. Jut you and a teacher. Pure focus and pure progress!

One of the only schools in Malta with a dedication to very young children from age 2 years upwards. Our two dedicated classrooms for the youngest students and highly experienced teachers make young learning fun. When children leave our classes able to talk and sing in English. We know our job was well done!

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